Acrylic vs Tile

Tile vs Acrylic

100% Cast Acrylic is one of the most durable bath and shower materials on the market. Acrylic bathware is thermoformed from a single sheet of colour-through acrylic and then sprayed on the back with a mixture of polyester resin and chopped fiberglass giving the product rigidity and strength.

Acrylic Shower Tile
Typically can be installed at a lower cost compared to a tiled shower* Typically two to three times the cost of installing an acrylic shower*
DIY installation (Professional plumber installation recommended) Expert installation required• General Contractor• Professional Plumber• Tile Installer Tradesman
Easily installs the same day Multiple steps over multiple days
Slides into studded wall, no additional backing required Requires proper wall material / membrane (waterproof backing)
Grout free Grout required
Silicone free Silicone required
Reinforced kiln dried lumber base will not crack under load; shower is reinforced with a mixture of fiberglass and resin Possibility of grout, joints or tile cracking which can lead to leaks & water damage
Variety of acrylic colours available Variety of colours & styles of tile available
Durable & stain resistant Durable, but tile and grout may not resist staining (porous)
Colourfast – the acrylic colour goes through the whole sheet Depending on tile chosen, the colour does not go through the core of the tile
Integral LED light available at an additional cost Additional cost for lighting
Integral soap dish, seating & grab bars Additional cost for optional soap dish, seating & grab bars
Variety of sizes available Custom sizes available
Minor scratches can be easily buffed and removed Hard to repair or replace damaged tile or grout
Maintenance Free - simply Clean with mild soap, no scrubbing with harsh cleaning chemicals required Requires periodic maintenance • Grout scrubbing• Tile sealing• Re-caulking of joints
Manufactured in Canada May be assembled with a variety of materials from different countries
Lifetime Warranty Variable warranty – dependant on contractor or plumber installing the components

* For guideline purposes only. Values represented are based on assumptions to supply and installation of a 32” x 60” ceramic shower wall and base system vs. the supply and installation costs of a base 3 pc. Pre-fabricated 5’ acrylic modular shower unit; plumbing extra; additional fees for permit applications, builders risk insurance, removal of existing shower unit if applicable, removal of construction waste. For guideline purposes only – It is always recommended that you receive contractor proposals prior to awarding any job to a professional. Longevity Acrylics Inc. may not be held liable for any assumptions listed and all information is for guideline purposes only.

Acrylic tubs and showers are the better long-term investment. Cast acrylic is the most durable bath and shower material on the market. Because the colour goes through the material (it's not just sprayed on top), it resists chips, and won’t lose its lustre. The new tub will still look like new years later.

Beauty, durability, and convenience – more and more home buyers understand the value of 100% cast acrylic. The unmistakable shine of cast acrylic will make your entire bathroom sparkle.