Special Care


One piece 100% acrylic special care unit


Two Piece Renovation-Friendly Unit
  • h 78.25"
  • w 60"
  • d 33"
(One piece unit)
  • h 78.25"
  • w 60"
  • d 33"
(Two piece unit)
150 lb; 68.04 kg
(Weight may vary by options and configuration of unit)
CSA Compliant
Left or Right drain
Product Specifications
Superior strength and weight designed for institutional and special care applications
High quality seamless, non porous acrylic surface is easy to clean, germ and residue free
Two efficient soap dishes/product shelves
Four heavy duty 1-1/4” (32 mm) or 1-1/2” (38mm) stainless steel safety grab bars with 1-1/2” (38mm) standoff. Installed using steel reinforcing plates that are caulked and sealed with high quality silicone.