Alpine 2260

One piece 100% acrylic shower unit

Prestige 2263

Three Piece Renovation-Friendly Unit
  • h 84"
  • w 60"
  • d 36"
(One piece unit)
  • h 84"
  • w 60"
  • d 37.5"
(Three piece unit)
190 lb; 86.18 kg
(Weight may vary by options and configuration of unit)
Door opening size: 51"
Standard threshold height: 4.5"
Centre drain
Product Specifications
High quality, non-porous acrylic surface is easy to clean, germ and residue free
Available with moulded left seat, right seat or no seat
Front ledge with drip lip
Reinforced shower base provides added strength to unit
Quality 2"/51 mm ABS drain with stainless steel strainer
Self draining soap dishes/shelves
Can be customized with a wide range of accessories and options