Cavendish 2040RF

One piece 100% acrylic shower unit

Highland 2042RF

Two Piece Renovation-Friendly Unit
  • h 79"
  • w 41.25"
  • d 41.25"
(One piece unit)
  • h 79"
  • w 41.25"
  • d 41.25"
(Two piece unit)
110 lb; 49.90 kg
(Weight may vary by options and configuration of unit)
Door opening size: 36"
Standard threshold height: 6.5"
Product Specifications
High quality, non-porous acrylic surface is easy to clean, germ and residue free
Centre seat
Front ledge with drip lip
Reinforced shower base provides added strength to unit
Quality 2"/51 mm ABS drain with stainless steel strainer
Self draining soap dishes/shelves
Can be customized with a wide range of accessories and options