Special Care


One piece 100% acrylic special care unit
  • h 84"
  • w 66"
  • d 36.5"
(One piece unit)
230 lb; 104.33 kg
(Weight may vary by options and configuration of unit)
CSA Compliant
Standard threshold height: 1.75"
Centre drain
Product Specifications
High quality, non-porous acrylic surface is easy to clean, germ and residue free
Superior strength and weight designed for institutional and special care applications
3-Heavy duty 1-1/4” (32mm) knurled stainless steel safety grab bars with 1-1/4” (32mm) standoff
Steel reinforcing plates at rear of unit complete with stainless steel bolts going all the way through with washer and nut on outside; plates are caulked and sealed with high quality silicone
Factory installed stainless steel shower curtain rod
Factory installed phenolic seat
Front drip lip
Reinforced shower base provides added strength to unit
Quality 2”/51 mm ABS drain with stainless steel strainer
Self draining soap dishes/shelves
Designed for recessed floor installation - the SC2366 barrier free showers provide the user with a barrier free transition into the shower
Textured bottom
Can be customized with a wide range of accessories and options
Bar size and placement can be modified to municipal/provincial standards upon request